Geeked Out!

Geeked Out!

I bought an Asus Eee 900a PC last week and it came last night.  It’s cute!  Compared to my behemoth laptop, it’s tiny!  It also has this adorable purple lid with a neat etching pattern on it which I adore.

Asus eee PCThe computer is really easy to get booted, it’s even easy to use, but the interface on the Linux version is for 3 year olds.  There’s links to all the necessary stuff like internet, mail, instant messaging, even Google Docs, which I do admit to using quite regularly… but I got bored really fast.  So I installed Ubuntu.

It took me a few times to get it working, but I finally did.  I even looked at Ubuntu Eee, a version made specifically for the Asus Eee, but I didn’t care for the screenshots for that one, it reminded me too much of the OS I wanted to kill.

Creating the Live USB is easy with UNetbootin, I mean seriously really easy.  I appreciate that there are people out there taking time out to create tools that make it easy for the rest of us to do geeky things!

So for whatever reason the live USB wouldn’t load on the Eee.  I tried several times last night on 2 ports, and then tried a new one today.  It wouldn’t load the first time on the third port either, but the second time, for no reason that I could tell, it loaded.  I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth… apparently persistence does pay off.

The install went fine.  It connected to the internet via my LAN no problem, and my tiny USB mouse even works great (wish I still had my tiny white one though so they matched).  There were 126 updates to install for Ubuntu though, which took some time.  In some of the reviews I read that the USB ports aren’t that fast, and I have noticed some lag with my mini mouse, so there may be some truth to that.  The touchpad with Ubuntu works fine though, I did not, however, like the sensitivity when I had the default OS installed, so at least I’m happy it’s better with what I installed.

Now there are a few documented issues with Ubuntu and the wireless, this really took some time to work out.  After lots of searching and a lot of playing in the terminal window with a bunch of stuff I really didn’t understand (but didn’t seem to be breaking my computer so why the hell not), I finally stumbled on what I probably should have consulted first, and that is the Ubuntu Community documentation of Eee fixes.  The wireless isn’t the only issue, but making a mental note to return to this page if I find more issues.  Also noting that the first fix didn’t work for me, the second, which was installing the Madwifi driver did.  There are other fixes on the internet for the Madwifi driver that did not work, but this one did (gift horses are everywhere, I swear).

So that’s it!  I have a tiny computer, that is cute, with a cuter operating system that I’ve always enjoyed using.  So now I’m going to lounge around with my tiny PC while I watch TV on my monster PC.