Wireframes for Website Redesign

Wireframes for Website Redesign

Redesigning this website has been something on my mind for a long time. I’ve decided to go ahead and do it proper so at least I have a few things for the portfolio when I’m done. I’ve done the wireframes already; the overall content was the easy part because I have been contemplating this for awhile. I’m currently working on some HTML mockups which dive into the content in more detail. I do have some design elements in mind, though that stage isn’t for awhile.


The main focus of my redesign has always been shifting my home page away from the blog and creating more of a portal of other areas I contribute content online. A few years ago it occurred to me that anybody going to heidigoseek.com doesn’t really get a full picture of who I am and where I spend most of my time by just viewing my blog. If anything my blog is my least updated area online (not a sad truth, just reality).

Certain social media links will always be at the top of the page next to the main navigation. Some basic information about me, my location, and contact details will always be at the bottom of the page. This gives me room to work with things in the main content area. The home page brings back my favorite quote (which was on a previous version of my website) and has a Twitter widget (which will always be the most current status), but the three main areas focus on where I’m most likely to contribute my own content; my blog, Flickr, and Tumblr.


The about page is my extended biography, but reuses the Twitter widget from the homepage. The Twitter widget has links to download my CV and my vCard. I’m thinking of redesigning my CV as well, but I haven’t gone this far yet. I have decided to leave the HTML version of my CV off of the new website and just have the downloadable copy. LinkedIn is essentially my online CV and I’ve never been happy with any HTML iterations of my CV I’ve ever created.


The Lifestream is currently active on my website and is implemented through Movable Type’s Action Streams plugin. I’ve already blogged about how I set this up and it’s going to stay for the next version of the site. The Lifestream will capture nearly everything I do online, including links or information I share. A project on the backburner is to customize the stream output a little more; for example, I would like the Twitter feed to not include @replies, but that will take some more fooling around with Action Streams to do. The page is not where I want it yet, but it is conceptually there.


There’s nothing special to say about the blog except that it will be moving to another directory. I’m keeping Movable Type, not because I’m absolutely in love with it, but because it’s just what I use. The website I do next will be with WordPress, but this site is fine still with Movable Type.


The portfolio set of pages are all new and the second focus of the redesign. I wanted something more visually appealing, but I also wanted to include a wide range of content. It was fun trying to organize these and I think the designs I have in mind will be great here. The portfolio will contain content from up to four different areas; Deliverables & Websites, Presentations, Articles & Writing, and Coursework. Some of the content can overlap which is why I’m already considering the content strategy aspect of this area. The layout of each page is determined by the section, each is a little different.

I would like to thank Gavin for giving me the idea to put the wireframe images up on Flickr. I’ve been enjoying watching his progress with his own website and portfolio as well.