New Year Cleaning

New Year Cleaning

Yeah, it’s been awhile… but not quite a month.  Truth is I don’t have much to say.  I’ve been enjoying a very nice couple of weeks of no school and no work with absolutely no regrets.  I still have a few more days before I start work, and a few more before I start school back up again for my last semester at Wayne State.  This semester I’m taking two online courses, Web Development and Integrated Library Systems… hopefully they won’t be as stressful as the last semester was for me.

I try to avoid New Year’s Resolutions because I’m bad about keeping them, but I have to admit that I do get pretty motivated this time of year.  I have a lot to do, and things have been an organizational mess for a little too long so I’m working on those areas before the motivation dies… which it will eventually, that’s just how things are with me.

To start I’ve decided to go through my books.  I probably don’t have a lot compared to a lot of librarian type people (I don’t read fiction much, and I don’t buy books much), but I have enough that I’ve decided to weed them and organize them.  First step is to decide which I’m keeping.  My long stagnant LibraryThing account has been resurrected.  What I like about LibraryThing is that it pulls in the call numbers from Library of Congress, I’ve been writing these inside the covers to eventually label them properly (I think I can work some magic with Excel and Word to automate this with some labels).  I’ve decided to use Library of Congress instead of Dewey only because I have a lot of Classical music CDs and sheet music that will also get labeled and I think Dewey is pretty horrible for cataloging CDs, I would like these items to be relatively close to one another in order so I can find them easier.  At one time I did want to teach flute lessons, thus the reason for organizing my music, I probably never will, but I still like the idea of having them in order.  This probably makes me a huge geek on so many levels though, and to think I really don’t like “real cataloging” all the much it seems funny I want to do this at home, but LibraryThing makes it really easy.  Right now most of the books I have added to LT are my old music textbooks, that was just the first shelf I grabbed.

So what to do with the others?  I’ve opened a PaperBack Swap account.  I don’t have much there yet (ok, it’s been harder than I thought to part with some books), but the great thing was the first day I posted books I had a request for one!  I mailed it off yesterday, it was a pretty nice book about making and playing folk instruments so I hope they enjoy it.  The really old and really useless books will probably get recycled, I do have a few old workbooks that I don’t know why I’ve kept them for so long.  I’ve never been one to sell off my textbooks, this has come to my benefit, especially last semester when in a desperate attempt to find resources last minute I found the best in an an old Library textbook… you just never know.

In the meantime I also want to rip all of my CDs to my backup drive, and I’m ditching the cases in favor of a sleeved binder.  I might buy another binder just for the Classical CDs though.

And yes, I do hope to blog more.  Maybe I should be less ambitious than once a day… maybe once a week is ok.  And if not once a week I seem to do ok with once a month.

3 thoughts on “New Year Cleaning

  1. You may also want to try out BookMooch. I’ve managed to trade of stuff and get some pretty decent things, including some pretty decent tech books. You can’t expect much as far as stuff published in the last year or two, but still good stuff.

  2. Thanks Andrew, I’ve also heard of BookMooch, I will take a look at that one too! The books I do tend to buy new are my tech books. I usually get books from the library to read then buy the ones I really like and wish to keep in my book collection. Lately I’ve been buying a lot without reading them first but I think with services like PaperBack Swap and BookMooch I know I can trade it off if I don’t think I want or need to keep it. It’s good to know somebody else can benefit from it when I’m done!

  3. Heidi, thanks for highlighting PaperBack Swap. I signed up today, and two people have requested my books. I agree, it feels good to know someone else can benefit from one of the books that I no longer use.

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